Philip Langford

Lid (projecten & veldwerk)

Hoofd- en nevenfuncties:

- Vice-president voor internationale vooruitgang bij IJM Global
- Trustee for IJM UK
- Member of the board of directors for IJM Australia

Philip Langford serves as IJM’s Vice President for International Advancement. In this role, Philip leads IJM’s Partner Office growth and international advancement strategy. IJM currently has Partner Office advancement operations in Australia, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

During his 11 years at IJM, Philip has led IJM field programs in Southeast Asia, Africa and South Asia to strengthen justice systems to protect the poor from slavery and human trafficking, gender-based violence and police abuse of power. Most recently, as Vice President of Regional Operations for Southeast Asia, Philip led IJM’s programs in the region to combat cross-border labor trafficking in domestic and multi-national supply chains and the global proliferation of online sexual exploitation of children. Prior to working in Southeast Asia, as Vice President of Regional Operations for Africa, Philip led IJM’s field programs across Eastern, Western and Southern Africa targeting child labor trafficking, gender-based violence and police abuse.

Philip joined IJM in 2006 as the Special Counsel for IJM Chennai and then launched and directed IJM Bangalore as part of IJM’s larger strategy to eradicate slavery and labor trafficking across India.

Prior to joining IJM, Philip was a partner in private law practice in the United States, representing and advising local and multi-national clients in a full-service law firm serving business clients.

Philip and his wife, Lacy, currently live in the Washington, DC, area with their five children.

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